Pennsylvania Symphonic Death Metal lives here.

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About Us

From the bleak shores of Lake Erie, comes Perdition, bringing a wall of sonic destruction and superb performance with them.  

Forged in the fall of 2008, Perdition is a Symphonic Death Metal band that brings a tide of change for metal listeners everywhere.  

Uplifting piano and keyboard arrangements juxtaposed with powerful Death Metal style guitar and drum work form the core of Perdition’s sound.  

Perdition has played with internationally famed and signed acts found on Metal Blade Records, Century media, Victory Records, Roadrunner Records, and Candlelight Records. 

Perdition is a heavy hitting force of young musicians, ready to cut a swath of carnage through any metal music scene.  

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The Portal - Perdition - "the Arrival" 2019 Single Cut

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